Just a Few Raw Numbers

When buying CBD oil you are paying for mgs of CBD. Typically, the cost is about 20 cents per milligram ($60 for a 300 mg bottle is common). CBD in these extractions are separated from all other cannabinoids and terpenes that are natural to the plant and potentially beneficial in their own right, then the isolate crystals are dissolved into a carrier oil, diluting it to the desired potency.

Raw hemp flower, on the other hand, is the intact flower bud with no adulterations containing a myriad of cannabidiols and terpenes unique to each strain of high CBD cannabis. It is all of these compounds working in concert that is referred to as the "entourage effect" and the reason many experts suggest that the "full-spectrum CBD" delivers the best therapeutic results. Assuming an average of 15% CBD/CBDa, you get 150 mgs per gram of flower. one oz. of flower at $90 delivers 4200 milligrams at less than 2.5 cents per mg.!

Our flowers are organically grown with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, dried and then cured in a climate-controlled facility with painstaking care to preserve all of the entourage of compounds in the plant. Our customers are using our flowers in many ways, with a surprising number of people grinding the flowers and putting in 00 capsules. Two capsules will contain an average of 53 mgs of CBD, with 1oz filling approximately 160 capsules!

Truly most cost-efficient way, and arguably the healthiest way to purchase your CBD!