About Jubilee Hemp

Jubilee Hemp is a group of friends, local organic farmers and artisan growers, providing the many incredible benefits of raw high CBD hemp flower without the effects of high THC.

 The artisan growers represented by Jubilee Hemp are committed to sound biological and organic growing techniques producing high CBD content hemp  from strains developed mostly in Colorado, Northern California, and Oregon. Our consortium of growers primarily live and grow these new ultra-low THC strains here in the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.

 With a cumulative of 70 years of experience in organic growing practices, we bring all that farming and gardening knowledge together through this adventure called Jubilee Hemp. We are presenting to You the absolute best hemp flower or hemp buds available anywhere with quality and care for what we do.

 Our hemp is biologically, organically, and sustainably grown, carefully handled and packaged on-site. Our Growers strive for the best! Taking extra steps and going the extra mile, humidity and temperature controlled drying and curing for the best preservation of delicate volatile terpenes maximizing health benefits and the entourage effect.

The producers represented by Jubilee Hemp are truly gifted people who have a passion and dedication for sustainable practices and biologic growing methods. To further ensure the best quality product every flower is hand handled and inspected before being packaged and shipped.

 We apply the highest standards in quality assurance working with our grower and processor friends to pass along to you the purest, high-quality hemp products, keeping them affordable(see our blog page) so everyone can enjoy the many benefits of CBD in this ultra-low THC cannabis. (meeting current Federal limit of .3% THC)

  [ Natural Whole Hemp Products may contain a small amount of THC]

  Apart from the rigorous lab testing our products undergo, we must also pass our friends and family test first, before passing on all our care and concern to You our highly valued customer. We want you to get real results and experience for yourself the tremendous health effect and well-being that full-spectrum medicinal hemp has to offer.

 Industrial Hemp, in its natural state as trimmed flower contains hundreds of cannabinoids and is rapidly becoming the CBD source of choice. (check out Hints page for ideas)

 Some forms of CBD oil, extracts, or CBD isolates may have less than desirable results, often devoid of natural hemp terpenoids, terpenes, or other trace cannabinol compounds that are present in the natural raw hemp flower.

Cannabinoids and terpenoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, Myrcine, linalool, limonene, THCv and many others. The commercial oils or extracts, because of extraction methods, may not contain these trace compounds after processing but natural raw hemp does contain literally hundreds of trace cannabinoids and terpenes. 

 With Jubilee Hemp Flower, you are guaranteed to receive the full spectrum of our outdoor-grown industrial Hemp flower with the unique cannabinoids and terpenes intact from each of our offerings.

 You are invited to experience the tremendous health benefits our products provide utilizing full-spectrum CBD and the entourage effect of Organically Grown Raw Hemp Flower.

 From all of us here at Jubilee Hemp, Thank You for visiting with us!

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