Hemp Hints

Hemp Flower is arguably the best source of pure unadulterated CBD along with hundreds of other potentially beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Many articles and studies describe the benefits of full spectrum hemp flower and full spectrum CBD with what’s frequently referred to as the entourage effect or ensemble effect. The entourage effect is all of the various cannabinoids or cannabinol working together in concert bringing relief to many common ailments people find themselves dealing with as we age. 

While high CBD hemp flower is often smoked, there are other, perhaps more preferable ways, to receive the benefits without the negative side effects caused by smoking.

  Here are some common ways Our Hemp Flower can be used to reap the benefit of CBD for yourself without the negative effects of smoking. 
  • The hemp flower can be finely ground and inserted into capsule form – capsules are made of gelatin or vegetable and are sold at most health food stores and many widely known drug stores, such as CVS. 
  • Hemp can be used as a seasoning and sprinkled over your favorite pasta dish or used in salads as you would many other herbs.
  • Hemp flower or trim can be cooked down and made into a paste, which is a very nice way to extract your own CBD oil for ease of use. Homemade CBD oil can be easily made at a very low cost compared to many CBD hemp oils on the market and you will know exactly what is in your very own CBD oil or CBD rich paste. Without a doubt, the best practice to utilize CBD and Hemp Flower for good health and well being is to buy and use Raw Organic Hemp Flower to make your own CBD oil or CBD Oil paste.
  • CBD oil made at home through an oil extraction in Organic coconut oil, MCT oil, Organic Butter or Ghee are our recommendations. Make your own CBD oil at home, Hemp oil paste is typically put in a canning jar and cooked in a water-bath at very low temperatures for many hours to preserve the terpenes and delicate trace cannabinoids.
  • This paste can be put into capsules or added to recipes such as cookies or mixed with honey or other baked foods and sauces.
  • There are many recipes for hemp paste online. (Our favorite includes adding a pinch of ginger and a tablespoon of honey.)
  • Add to baked goods – such as cookies or brownies.
  • Add to sauces, soups etc. 

The hemp flower is an extremely beneficial plant that contains over 480 compounds, 479 of which are stripped out by chemically extracting CBD oil.

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